Logging Harvester Truck(Game Mavericks ) Android GamePlay HD

                                    Logging Harvester Truck

Try how to be a forest worker! Harvest trees and put them to the logging trucks. Be fast, other timber workers are waiting for logs. Complete easy tutorial with old worker - he knows what how to harvest here. Then, do missions. They can be very challenging, especially with time limit. Use a timber crane to load and unload logs to logging truck. Test the power of your truck, it is great harvest simulator! Drive truck and have fun

Features of Logging Harvester Truck:
- Big forest
- Easy tutorial
- Challenging harvest missions
- Time limit
- Real logging vehicle
- Timber truck
- 3D graphics
- Real timber truck sounds
Do you like logging vehicle games and timber truck driving? It is a great forest harvest simulator for real men! So, it is time to drive in Forest Harvester Simulator. Get ready for challenging harvest missions. Even if you can't drive in real life, you can drive a forest harvester in the simulator. Explore forest and enjoy the timber harvest atmosphere.
Today is the best day to drive a timber vehicle with our harvest simulator. Complete logging cut missions. Then - load timber truck with cargo. Then drive to the next point and harvest there. Complete missions in the simulator and enjoy the work. Cut timber and earn money

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