Hacker Escape Simulator 2017 Gameplay/Simulation

            Hacker Escape Simulator 2017

Hack you way into the city of Chicago and find you way as a criminal!
Hacker Escape Simulator 2017 goes into the world of cyber criminals and hackers. You were a police agent, doing only desk work in the office of the police headquarters. After the police chief denied you the opportunity to go into the field work, you made the decision to become the criminal that you have devoted your entire life into. You are now death, destroyer of cyber-worlds.
Hacker Escape Simulator 2017 Game Features :
* Real working hacker missions, but you need a WIFI connection ;) 
* A lot of hacker vehicles for which you can safe and hack in. 
* Unlimited amount of missions, with some special missions! 
* Full immersive 3D world with working AI. 
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