Drift King Street Cars(Mobyte Studios )Drifting(Android/iOS Gameplay HD

                    Drift King Street Cars
Participate in high speed driving with most popular cars. Collect points and pass your rivals by drifting. Download now to play the most advanced game of its kind with different stages and modes from each other.
You have to complete the challenging obstacles without a fault in this mode. There are many obstacles on the map. You can be a real "Drift King" by completing the lithe turning, full round turning and box topple fields with success along with 90 and 80 degree fields. Your mission is to complete the stage as soon as possible respectively completing the obstacles displayed on the screen. It may seem easy but you have only 3 rights to make mistakes! Ambitious players, this mode is for you.
You have to earn the most coins by following the race track with the car your choose in this mode. Best coin amount will be recorded at the end of the race and you will be able to see your success. If you hit to obstacles you cannot earn coins. You must have the control of your car against environmental conditions such as snowy road, wet track and scorching hot. You will love the atmosphere of this game with magnificent views
15+ cars, the most popular cars of drift world are in this game (Much more coming soon, wait for us!)
Unique game modes, free driving and challenge mode (brand new)
10 regular tracks, 2 senior challenging tracks
Features of sticker adding, color changing, rim changing, rim color changing
Realistic car physics, exhaust fumes, wheel tracks and drift sound
You can play the game with gyroscope
Slippery, wet or rough roads according to different seasonal conditions
Advanced coin earning system
Car customization with garage
Different camera angles
Special background music which comply with the game


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