Army Truck Border Patrol iOS & Android Game

Army truck border patrol sim! Drive army truck for patrolling on offroad sandy border and transport soldiers to catch terrorists. Take steel army jeep to take intel from military agents. Remember, this is not only an army driver game simulator but needs you to be good in catching criminals who can harm your country. So be prepare for enemy encounter and take them to military prison or army base.

Be a border patrol army driver
In this 3D simulation game, take army 4x4 hummer car to different places, and gain information about terrorists. Since one can be caught up in trouble in this field 3D adventure game, you will be driving armored car and have to find parking spot feasible for your big vehicle. In this way, you have to patrol around in the region assigned to you as military official, and keep an eye on activities around military camps. This is a tough real driving game, and you have to take army truck vehicle on offroad terrains with sharp turns and rugged paths which are usually present around border line. Make sure you do not tilt over army lorry while driving and racing on muddy roads.
Catch Terrorists on border line
Gangsters and criminals are trying to cross the border. Ultimate army hummer driver chase the running terrorist in rough sandy terrain like jeep safari journey. Ride crazy and wild with extreme racer skills and don’t let the terrorist escape. Arrest the terrorist and take them to the prison and army jails. This driving and parking simulation game is fun and adventure with super speed racing challenges. Army truck border patrol contains real life graphics and realistic steering wheel controls.
Military officers! Catch the criminals in high speed pursuit and take them to the jail. Now download this 3D simulator game and experience the best driving simulation.


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