Banana Island Monkey Fun Run Free Android-iOS Game

Prepare for a fun-filled journey with our monkey friend Bobo Get ready to run, jump and smash baboons on your way through Savanna Island! If you had fun playing our addictive mega hit games Banana Island: Monkey Kong Run and Banana Island: “Jungle Run”, you'll have a blast on this epic monkey quest! Download Banana Island: Savanna Fun Run, an insanely fun side-scrolling adventure game, and make our monkey go happy running like hell in this addicting 2D platformer


Never-ending parkour monkey adventure
Most stunning level design ever seen in platform games
Eye-popping cartoon characters
Crazy monkey enemies
Run, jump and swing on vines to collect coins!
Buy additional lives and enjoy in never-ending free run

Power Jump - Tap to jump, Tap & Hold for an extra long jump!
Mega Glide - When in air, Tap & Hold to glide through the clouds
Super Drop - When in air, slide down to drop faster and kill baboon enemies around you
Bored by playing platform action games with old grannies, bunnies, and zombies on their temple races? Go on a mega running adventure, have a blast playing with Bobo, and get addicted to this incredible monkey running game for kids! While running and collecting coins, avoiding obstacles and fighting angry baboon enemies, go for bananas and make our monkey go happy
Banana Island: Savanna Fun Run will take you on an epic monkey journey with its fast-paced gameplay and tons of run n jump action! This innovative monkey kick off game will take you on a banana adventure where you'll have to fight angry monkeys and dash deadly obstacles on Savanna Island to have a mega monkey flight
Crazy “monkey run”! Despicable baboon king has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend Lily and wishes to make her his jungle queen! Save her before it's too late! Enter the jungle survival, prepare for the most thrilling animal escape ever seen in “run and jump games”, unlock new worlds, and beat'em up in this jump n run quest
Monkey Kong saga returns! Get ★Banana Island: Savanna Fun Run★- third in our series of cool monkey games, and you'll instantly get hooked on this fun monkey runner game! If you're addicted to playing parkour games and “jumping and running games”, this endless banana rush saga will become your favorite of all arcade animal games for kids! We guarantee you that this cool 2D side scroller running game will give you an unforgettable bounty joy ride
Ape escape 3! Get your ticket for a wild jungle ride, and make our monkey dash happily through dangerous savanna and mega blast his enemies in this super run and jump classic arcade game for children. Let's kick off a mega jumping and coin collecting mission on Savanna island! Download this parkour adventure and prepare all the jungle animals for gorilla revenge! Start racing and follow the line towards the dark Temple to show us what a free jumper you are. Blast the baboons and flight from evil in the best RPG monkey racing game ever
Run, jump and dash through the jungle island, and be the fastest free runner to save your girlfriend! Banana jungle hides many enemies with powerful weapons, jetpack powerups and other upgrades! Get on banana rush and enter the world of fast-paced 2D platform racing and jumping games


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