Battle Dawn Earth Arena - RTS iOS-Android Gamplay HD

Commander, place your colony on this post-apocalyptic wasteland and build your army! Join players from all over the world and fight in real-time for global conquest and domination.

Battle Dawn: Earth Arena is a new and unique real-time strategy war game (RTS game), where diplomacy and teamwork is the key to success. Team up with other skilled Commanders and forge the greatest alliance to conquer earth. Unleash the full force of your army and fight for crucial resources. Use brilliant strategies and combat tactics to occupy foreign territory and crush your enemies.
• Real-time PvP Strategy war. Battle with hundreds online players on planet earth
• Create or join an alliance to conquer the globe
• Discover countless of strategic and diplomatic choices
• Train various troops to build the perfect army for the battlefield
• Chat in real time and conspire with team members and allies
• Join forces with allied commanders and fight massive sci-fi wars
• Explore the earth map to gather resources
• Each season lasts 30 days. Every month a new chance to climb the top of the rankings!

Earth Arena is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback.
Install the ultimate PVP strategy game today and conquer the world!


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