Farm Tractor Simulator 2016-Android Game

In Real Tractor Farm 3D you have to do everything a real farmer needs to do for his harvest so use the cultivator, plant seeds, water the plants, harvest your crops and sell it. When you have sold your harvest you unlock some new ground what needs your real tractor farming skills.
Gear up for the most realistic farming experience--in all kinds of ways with Real Tractor Farm 3D! Play as a farmer and cultivate your own land in Real Tractor Farm 3D by sowing the crops using a realistic Seed Drill.

Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil your harvesting dreams in Real Tractor Farm 3D.
As well as a refined look and feel, Real Tractor Farm 3D gives you double the number of farm machines to control, all authentically modeled on equipment from real agricultural manufacturers
Be a real farm tractor driver and prepare for the hay day. As a farm tractor driver make your land ready for canola and wheat, seed crops, sprinkle water with water sprayer attachment and silage wagon. A real driver has to maneuver the big trailer with hay into tiny spots, for example on a farm where he has to unload the hay bales near a big shed. When you can drive the combination correctly forward, you'll experience how hard it is to drive it correctly reverse! First you have to drive the truck into the yellow square in front of the trailer, it will attach automatically. After the trailer is attached you have to drive your combination into the yellow parking spot. Drive farm vehicles and look after your crops on the wheat field.
Plough the seeds and let the crops ready to be harvested. Harvesting season is here so collect your crops and earn money.
Plough your farmland, aggregate your land with grain seeding planter. Your land is ready for canola and wheat seeds crops, sprinkle water with water sprayer attachment and silage wagon. Spray on your land before reaping canola and wheat because these crops need special attention. Drive transporter silage wagon in different locations load your tractor with other realistic attachments like harvester, seeder, backhoe and more. Steer in reverse to attach the farming frenzy attachments to your tractor. Drive careful and maneuver this big farmer vehicle parallel or in reverse for various situations.
Be a part of agricultural life working in farmhouse or dairy food yield collection. Cultivate fields and mow grass make hay bales to feed livestock. Clean all chaff from grass and make manure like biogas plant to spray on your fields. Learn the skills to steer your agricultural plantation truck in a farming simulator that lets you take charge of your own wheat land. This awesome plowing simulation game gives you amazing harvesting and plowing truck excitement.
Every stage of farming is a mission in Real Tractor Farm 3D, so you can do a lot of stages. 
Not only will you drive in your tractor you will use for the harvest a combine.
Features of Real Tractor Farm 3D:
•Realistic 3D Rustic environment
•Multiple farming machine including Tractor, Harvester, Seed Drill and Sprayer
•Grow Wheat, Barley and Canola at your farm
•Sow and Harvest the crops with realistic Farming machines
•Find the selling place offering highest price to maximize your profits
•Use the cash to buy better machines and improve your yield
•Purchase more land to become the wealthiest farmer in town


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