Ninja Chipmunk Jumper | Android Game

The Ninja Chipmunk is awaiting your help in this exciting jump tap game that requires great timely taps and reflexes. It is one of the most entertaining adventure games you will play this year! This jumper may glue you to your device because of the cool graphics and amazing gameplay

Ninja Chipmunk is an action game that have all the elements including Story, Effect, Sound and Graphics to become one of the best games in 2016. You will really feel like you are in another world. Master the side jumps, and you will master Ninja Chipmunk. Tap game that you will be surely addicted to and entertained by! Action, jumping and adventure in one!
In this tap game, the story is about the adventure of Ninja Chipmunk team to save their friend in the journey to find out the secrets of becoming immortal Ninja. Thanks to the amazing graphics & lively sound, Ninja Chipmunk is like an attractive comic book in which each player is a main character with different personality. Jump side and start changing sides as quickly as you are attacked.
On a heavily rainy day, Ninja team including Dan, Jane & Sam receive a letter from Tom asking for help. Before that, being obsessed about secrets Kungfu in Legend, Tom decided to climb up Devil Mountain alone looking for secret Super Kungfu Ninja book, however, on the way he was caught by Eagle Hawk. Reading over the letter, Dan, Jane & Sam immediately started the journey up the Devil Mountain to save their friend. They have to overcome so many difficulties & defeat many enemies, which help them to learn new useful magic.
However, the one behind the crime is not Hawk. It is Tom who is controlled by evil magic. He wants to kill Dan, who is his close find & also his no 1 competitor.The story only ends when the good in Tom rise & be able to kill his desize for evil magic in himself. After that, the Ninja team come back to normal life with a lotof interesting experience & lessons.
Main Characters: 
- Dan: Enthusiastic, agile but hasty. Dan wants to experience new things, behave well with his friends & being caring for them.
- Jane: Smart, decisive & being the only girl member in the team. She has been Dan's friend from childhood & always helps Dan with his trouble.
- Sam: Very strong but quiet, timid & being an introvert. Sam is often teased by his friends but he is a reliable person.
- Tom: Bad-tempered, jealous & ambitious. He often teases Sam, compete with Dan & like Jane.
Their enemies is the system consisting of 4 types of monsters: Slug, Rabbit, Bee & Moony, together with 4 Boss including Owl, Coyote ,Panda, Hawk.
- Characters diversity
- Great graphics and sound
- 5 map is: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth according to Eastern philosophy
- 2 mode story & endless
- 12 power up including weapons and ninja magic


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