Overtake : Traffic Racing Android Game

Overtake : Traffic Racing 
Try driving on an endless freeway, driving pleasure for real racers
Enjoy the thrill of overtaking and weaving around cars
Try to be the best racer on objective competition stages
Drive recklessly and be rewarded, unlike real life
Overtake : Traffic Racing provides different stages from the worldmap.
Receive cash or cards as a reward to buy new cars or upgrade your cars
If you need more cards, please try the store.

Major features

- First person view simulating real driving cockpits
- Realistic high quality 3D graphics
- Realistic driving feedback
- 12 different cars
- 100+ stages included in the worldmap
- Leaderboard for 20 achievements per class (requires google account) | (requires Game Center      Account)
- Ranked and timed stages for competition
- Dangerous traffic weaving driving at no real risk

- Drive and overtake dangerously and charge up your nitro gauge!
- Stay close to other cars when driving over 120km/h
- Cut off other cars at over 120km/h
- Drive right behind other cars at over 100km/h (Slipstream acceleration bonus)
- Drive on the nitro pad to charge the nitro gauge

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