cargo across between countries and cities! More american you can enlarge the company more money by purchasing a truck. You even need to make sure that you have enough fuel in your truck to transport all cargo to different cities. This is a truck simulator worthy of the name: Truck Simulator 2016!

if you are a realistic gamer and want to think about every choice you make in the this driving simulator, play the realistic mode of Truck Simulator 2016.

Customize everything you want about your own truck!
You’re able to build up a truck empire with your own truck vehicles
Experience a truck driver simulator in full 3D!

- Realistic truck driving experience.
- Realistic damages
- 2 Different camera view angle
- Excellent HD graphics.
- Driving experience on tough roads.
• Great for kids and adults
• Easy simulator controls - accelerate, reverse, left and right steering.
• Real Semi Trucking Sounds
• Realistic scenery - trees, bushes, and highway textures
• Multiple Views - drive from either behind the wheel or looking down on the truck
• 3D Graphics
and real world truck racing fun

is application contains advertisements

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