The Jungle Book Android Gameplay

The Jungle Book is an innovative CCG (Collectible Card Game), based on the hit animation TV series, The Jungle Book by Digital Quest Entertainment (DQE). Trending across the planet, join the ever increasing Jungle Book fans in the immersive game with new game mechanics used for the first time in any game made on Jungle Book.

Revisit the lush green locations of the Seeonee jungle, from the deadly crocodile-infested Waingunga River running through the forest, to the ruins of an old temple at the Cold Lair, populated by Bandar Log (The Monkey Gang).

Spectate the endless clashes between the feral Man-Cub, Mowgli and his rival, Sherekhan, the Tiger. Rediscover the fun loving bear, Baloo; the caring panther, Bagheera; along with your favourites, Akela, Hathi, Tabaqui, Raksha and many more


- Original Jungle Book Character cards.
- Entertaining and humorous story episodes based on the TV series.
- Beautiful art and UI, appealing to both, kids and adults.
- Get more cards to unlock and make your collection bigger by playing more.
- Upgrade your cards with gold coins, to conquer your opponent Mowgli decks by fighting in online in the Arena.
- Compete against your facebook friends via online battles.
- Unlock heaps of achievements and earn lots of gold coins.
- Use your own strategy to time the deployment of the characters and usage of spells on the battlefield.
- Option to watch ads to heal your characters quicker.
- Tutorial to learn the basic gameplay mechanics. 
- Unlock and use spells like Super Strong, Charge and more, to have an edge over stronger opponents.


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