Battle GIRL Collection - Walkthrough Android Gameplay HD

Hello master!《Battle GIRL Collection》is the most H Battle GIRL game
Sexy clothes, shy expression, sweet sound let you fall in love.
Aggregation Adventure x Love x Cultivate anime RPG game.

[Game Features]
The teacher was wearing a tights and hold the pointer, Pure student with ponytail, The little sister take the candy was wearing miniskirt, Bold dress sexy sister.
Choose your story and build relationships with over 100 unique girls
#3s clothes bursting! Adult Battle model.#
- Guiding Girl! The most H and most taboo RPG game.
- Be careful! The violent attack will burst the girl's clothes.
- Guiding Girl Become the master of them.
#Build your mysteriously Manor, Guiding Sexy Maid.#
- More than 100 sexy sweet girls waiting you guiding, cultivate and ooxx.
- The most characteristic for the game is collect the sexy girl.
- Adventure x Love x Cultivate, satisfy! touches your heart.
#Beware of traps! Explore the maze map!#
- maze map! Use the wisdom to solve the problem.
- PK with other players and prove your maid is the strongest)
- Beat your Opponent by tactics
#Voice very tempting, be careful around.#
- Japanese ACG the Three Kingdoms FANTASY style.
- Super Popular! Japanese voice actress.
- bullet screen, funny socialization

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