CITY BUILDER 2016 BUS STATION | Andrioid Gameplay [HD]

If you are looking for a complete building simulation game. Then City builder 2016 Bus station is the game for you. This building game is developed and made by VascoGames Simulation development team. This wonderful construction game gives you the player control over different construction machines. The game begins with clearing the construction site, you get to learn what it takes to be a real builder. The player has to drive various loads of construction materials from one place to the other place. You have to fill the foundation with concrete and build the entire new bus station.

To build the Bus Station in this wonderful construction simulator 3D game, you can use various machines like powerful trucks, huge diggers, cranes, forklifts and more Like a real builder you have to complete various tasks of construction and destruction as well to complete the final building

City builder 2016 Bus Station features
- Control various construction vehicles
- High quality graphics and visuals
- Environmental based sound effects
- Realistic view of construction materials
- Physics based interaction of materials
- Machines can change skins
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