Devil City, the most exciting MMORPG mobile game of 2016 with full expectation, will bring you with an awesome 3D experience to slay the zombies! Smooth operation, brilliant skills, and real-time action battle provide you with an enjoyable environment. A fantastic MOBA mode enables you to kill the World Boss and fight with enemies together with your friends!
The journey has started. Come with your friends to save the world

Brand-new function of large amount of players——Virus War! Up to 40 players fight at the same time, to strive for the advanced Virus! Team with your friends, and fight against the dark opponents! You deserve to play this most fantastic function of 2016! Don’t hesitate to join us

-Hit Feeling: kill the zombies with combos-
Combos! Combos! What is better than great skill combos?! The world maps and the zombies will challenge your senses. Devil City, crazy world!
-Brilliant Skills: kill the boss and free the survivors-
With brand new unity 3D engine technology, the game creates you delicate characters model and realistic environment. Kill the boss with brilliant skills and become a hero!
-World Boss: Cooperate with others and kill the boss-
3 kinds of professions: warrior, Ninja and girl fighters enable different operation experience. Choose the one you like and fight with others. Kill the powerful boss together!
-Most exciting: MOBA mode-
Beside various PVP function, hero dungeons, the MOBA function leads you to a world of fierce competition. Meet all top players here and strengthen yourself, you are the first savior
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