Dungeon & Knight | Walkthrough | Free Android Gameplay HD

◆ Excellent combination of Action Adventure and RPG
   - Simple control creates fabulous action!
   - Adventure dungeon with various monsters and puzzles.
Dynamic battle against gigantic boss monsters!
◆ Simple Character Growth
   - Nurture character with collected [weapon] and [armor]
   - No more repetitive farming for level up!
◆ Fabulous lethal skills!
   - Splendid skills that fill up screen.
   - Merciless hitting sense from 'One-shot, All-kill'
◆ Various Collection
   - [Weapon] and [Armor] with powerful attributes.
   - Tremendous moster pictorial book
◆ Town with various contents.
   - Complete various quests requested by characteristic [NPC]
   - Various shops and 1v1 battle field with boss
◆ Expect more contents coming!
   - Planning to add more dungeons, weapon, armor & skill

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