Magic Park Unblock Isometric | Level 26 to54 | Part #2 | Android Gamepla...

Magic Park: Unblock Isometric takes puzzle game to the next level. It is innovatively designed and developed to give you a fun and challenging gameplay and exciting imaginative graphics.
The gameplay is new yet very simple. All you have to do is just slide the obstacle out of the way in logical steps to get the target block out of the board. While keeping the rule easy, Magic Park: Unblock Isometric is not too easy because you have to play in 3D perspective! As you unblock the puzzles, you also unlock your brain to its full potential, especially in logic and visual perception functions

Not only challenging you to solve the puzzles in unique 3D, Magic Park: Unblock Isometric is also keeping you entertained. It is thoughtfully designed to be one of a kind. To be extraordinary. To go out of the box. It comes with handsome looks of 3D Pixel Art. Our creative and colorful themes; from nature to futuristic architecture, will entertain you more than ever

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