Alaskan Gold Miners Gold rush ( VascoGames ) Android Gameplay HD

In Alaskan Gold Miners you strive to extract your precious gold from the ground. Yeah it's a gold rush that means free gold if you can find it. in the history there were some famous gold rushes let's see if you can make your fame today. In Alaskan Gold Miners: Gold rush. So ever wondered what it’s like to work in a mine this surface mining simulator game shows you how it works. Watch out, miners. Here’s the number one mining game for you

Explore the world of Alaskan gold mining in this newest 3D simulation game. Work your way through all the different missions. Make sure you set up your operation in a good fashion and start earning some gold.

Alaskan Gold Miners: Gold rushr game features:
- Realistic graphics / 3D graphics
- loads of reality mining missions
- Realistic steering with the steering wheel of the mining trucks and equipment
- Real driving experience with the acceleration pedal and brake pedal
- Different views to do the job, go in driver's seat or helicopter view


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