Aviation Empire Platinum ( iOS - Android ) Game Download

Aviation Empire Platinum.

Starting back in 1919, the historical year that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched their first flight, it is your mission to build, invest in and connect destinations across the world. Each time period takes you to new phases of airline history – with technological and structural advances that help to improve your infrastructure.

Create your very own airline by choosing your destinations, investing in aircrafts and designing your airports. Keep your aircrafts in good condition and your customers happy by figuring out the most popular connections and increasing the luxury of your airports


- Develop your own flight paths, creating connections all around the world.

- Invest in the landing rights to 145 cities across the globe.

- As the world develops, so can your airline with bigger and faster aircrafts.

- Upgrade your airports to make them more luxurious for passengers: hotels, theme parks, shopping centres and so much more

- Examine the useful statistics board to become a superior CEO.

- Log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for social features and other advantages.

- Check-in at a real life airport to unlock the destination in-game


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