Prevent prison escape prisoners, criminals, vehicles and thugs from crossing the border as a Border Police dog on duty. Police Dog & illegal border crossing criminals rivalry is getting serious. The police game takes a new twist by making you in-charge of the most sensitive place, the border security job. Become a real police suit dog to keep a watch on gangsters, robbers and criminals trying to cross the border illegally. Previously in charge police dog of jail security your job was to prevent prison escape and catch jail break prisoners. Now you are skilled enough to keep a close watch on any suspicious activity. The city crime rate is almost zero at the moment. But the thugs escaping jail across the border entering your country can lead to an increased crime rate. As a trained frontline police dog, take up the challenge to chase down the criminal & prisoner. A criminal escape game gets more adventurous with an angry German shepherd sniff dog hero. An ultimate action packed game that tests your skills to stay alert all the time. Breaking laws is no more an option when a real brave police dog is there to catch the escaping people to save the city from crime. Border Cross Police Dog Duty is an amazing Police Dog Simulator game that involves a true challenge of making the crime escape missions unsuccessful. You have been chosen as an expert police dog to stop and hunt the robber involved in the law breaking crime. Use your sniffing skills for chasing down and lockup dangerous criminals in Border Cross Police Dog Duty. Assist the police officer as a skilled patriotic K-9 cops dog to end up the criminal activities & fight lawlessness. As a brave border ranger police officer dog, patrol the border to protect your country. An unlimited Border Police Dog chase adventure game

Border Cross Police Dog Duty is an action packed crime games with the best chasing and catching the criminal. As a trained security police dog officer, your duty is to keep an eye on any suspicious activity involving illegal trading, jail break criminal escape and bomb alert missions. The country border security is on high alert. Catch the approaching criminal with weapons to attack you by attacking him with your razor sharp canine teeth and nails. Aim the target to attack the prisoner, catch him and send him back to jail. Impose fines on any violations. You are a super trained German Shepherd sniff dog to track down any criminal escaped from the jail security officers. The police security squad has to deal with a lot of bad guy chasing. Border Cross Police Dog Duty involves angry criminals, brave police dog on duty, sniper riffles, gun shots, prison break escape missions and criminal chasing. Your chance of survival depends upon your wisdom and careful planning of an illegal border cross criminal chase. Put on your extreme stealth mode to chase sneak out criminal & sleeper cell inmates and gang members in this amazing police chase game.

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