Download Tap's Adventure Free Android Game

ere you a fan of the old 90's arcade games?
Do you remember those 90's games, that you used to play with your colleagues, friends and even strangers?

Well, if you were born in 90's or 80's you would, but if you born in late 20's it's not your fault.
Now, we have created a game, that will take you back to the 90's. You will feel the same as we felt when we use to play these arcade games as a teenager.

Tap's Adventure is a free arcade game for those who wants to keep their memories alive and for those who didn't have the chance to play old arcade games.
Tap's Adventure is an arcade-adventure game based on Tap's story.
Tap's story:
Tap is from another world, one day he was playing with his friends, when he accidentally stepped into a portal through which he was teleported to another world's jungle. Stuck in the jungle desperate to find a way back home. You must help him to get out of there before any unknown creature kills him.
To find out more start playing this arcade-adventure game on your Android phone today.
Basic game features:
- 4 Worlds: Raining Jungle, Snowy Jungle, Sky, and Underground Cave (other worlds are coming soon).
- Melee Attack, bullets, Jump.
- 20 unique enemies

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