Flying Car Driver 2017 Android Gameplay HD

One of the best futuristic of car stunt games and flying car games are available on Google play store! The flying car simulator has amazed a whole new universe. Flying car game is totally different from other cars or bike racing games. Put step in modern era, and fly your airborne car to discover beautiful landscapes, astounding bridges and sparkling blue oceans. Are you ready to take flight with your furious car and fly high up in sky? Play this game and become best flying car driver. Car game was never this much exciting to play; but now it is exciting with flying car games. This game allows you double fun including driving and flying. You will test your flying and driving skills at the same time with this car flying simulator game. Transform your asphalt car in aero plane and fly your massive highly detailed car around the world and get a preview in this car flying adventure.

This car flying Simulation will provide you this chance to race in city road and sky tracks environment and perform different stunts. Drive your favorite luxury car. Your mission is to fly or drive the flying car and cross all ring shape check points and given destination to complete the mission. In every level, the car driver will have to go through a specific number of obstacles and obtain fuel boosters in the sky to keep up the fuel power of the flying car. If the flying car doesn't get the fuel booster in the sky, the car will drop on the city ground and your mission have failed. You can start your mission again. Bringing you a new challenge with flying cars and Start your engine to get ready fly or drive in the sky. A specific time limit will be provided in all levels in which we have to complete the missions. This is an adventurous challenging game where you are playing the role of a hero and car driver. The game will start off by giving an option of flying car selection for the user to select the best flying. Speed miter of the flying car will also be displayed on the screen.
Tired to playing car racing games? Want to steer a flying car? So, it is perfect game for you. Get to experience extreme chase action with flying car. You can fly your car like an airplane and feel like rocket or airplane pilot. This is the most exciting flying car stunts simulation games. Complete your all levels and become a great flying car drive. Have you ever see dream in your mind to flying a car in sky? If yes, then flying car driving game is perfect for your dream. The Flying simulator game is different from compete car racing games. This game Bring to you a new challenge with flying cars.
Flying Car Game Features;
- Futuristic flying car models
- Realistic and dynamic car and flying physics
- Simple and easy to play
- Smooth and easy control
- Huge immersive city environment
- Highly modified car models
- Cutting edge 3D graphics

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