Injustice Power Boat Racers 2 Android Gameplay HD

Become a part of the fantastic injustice squad in this majestic racing simulator full of highly skilled speedboat driving features and challenging missions! This action-packed power ship racing simulation game has awesome races against your injustice squad enemies in your insane speed boat. Cruise ships are nice and look good, but nothing beats a fast speed boat cruising on the open ocean. Christmas is over and the summer is coming, so buy yourself a nice power boat and start practising your speedboat parker practise

This game is not like other ship driving simulation games or jet ski simulation games. A jet ski in a jet ski simulator is too fragile, but the speed boat ships in this racing simulator are fast, strong and aerodynamic for the ultimate speed boat race. Avoid a collision between your injustice squad arch enemies and race yourself to the finish line in this parker practise racing ship game

Key Features

 Majestic open ocean and open world map 3D cruising

Nerve-wrecking race modes against your arch enemies

Put your parker skills to the test in this awesome collisions simulator

Get your very own open world map 3D cruising power ship

Avoid any collision for some extra bonus point


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