Pilot Plane Driving - Android Game by Zee Vision Games

Airplane flying is an awesome new 3D simulator game on android market. Become the pilot and fly your plane to the given destination around the world. Airplane simulator offers you the real flying experience with stunning graphics and great weather environment. Test your airplane flying skills and show to be the greatest airplane pilot. The latest airplane flight simulator game finally hit on game market. If you are looking for best airplane simulation game, everyone loves this airplane game. This game can be seen as an introduction to more complex flight simulation games. Guide and steer your plane through the way points and make sure you get it back on the ground in a safe way.

In this flying airplane game, become a plane pilot and it is your duty takeoff plane to the destination and landing plane to be very carefully. Flying plane is not easy task, not everyone can be a pilot. Start the engine, raise the speed, use your pilot skills and cross all ring shape check point to easily complete your mission. When arriving at your destination point, slow the plane down and prepare for landing, be careful not to crash. Guide your plane towards the runway and park within the marked zone to complete the mission. While parking your plane, be very careful to avoid the crashes. Do not miss any check point and don't crash the plane because your mission has failed. So you can start your mission again.

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