Squad Wars Death Division | Free Download For Android / iOS

Download for FREE – Squad Wars - and join players from around the world in the most competitive MULTIPLAYER First Person Shooter (FPS) on Android.

In Squad Wars, mysterious Billionaire Barakiel has decided to host the largest squad-based shooter tournament ever with a massive cash prize, attracting the best fighters from around the globe. Fighters who go into battle with hopes that they will win the tournament, make their fortune, and fulfil their wildest dreams.

+ Intense MULTIPLAYER shooter: ELO rating (medals), League System and skill-based Matchmaking with up to 6 players per match within seconds in Europe, America & Asia.
+ PvP Modes: Free for All (FFA), Duel, Wager, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & Last Man Standing: 1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2 and classic Blue vs Red 3v3. Kill as many enemies as possible until a certain condition or limit is reached, be it a Kill Limit, Time Limit or being the Last Man/team Standing / Unkilled. Once one of these conditions is met, the match is over and the winner is the player/team that accumulated the greatest number of kills.
+ Gun, loads of GUNS: get ready to unlock and upgrade your favorite Snipers, Assault Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns & melee weapons. Compete against top killers from around the world in PvP matches to earn cash. Over 250+ guns to unlock & upgrade from iconic snipers such as the AWP and assault rifles like the AK47 to everybody’s favorite Deagle.
+ 11 MAPS: Favela, Warehouse, Sandtown, Italy, Train Station, Ship… with new maps being introduced regularly.
+ Daily Missions, Weekly Tournaments & Special Events: it’s Payday every day! Earn cash by being the best and unlock+upgrade weapons.
+ Shoot 'em up: Innovative “Aim & Shoot” touch control. Shooting is automatic: land your crosshair on an enemy (with each weapon having its own range, damage, rate of fire, etc), you'll begin auto-firing. Traditional “Tap to Shoot” is also optional in setting

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