Download Contract Racer | Racing | Game For Android

Get behind the wheel and take to the road in Contract Racer, the latest addition to the lineup of exciting car games. Weave your way between vehicles to escape the crush of traffic and finish each contract in the fastest time possible—but stay vigilant, or you’ll crash and burn before you ever reach your goal. This isn’t just racing, it’s contract racing

Unlike other racing games, Contract Racer has multiple types of challenges to complete. You’re a contractor with contracts to fulfill, and that means your driving talents will be needed in a variety of situations. Drive a taxi, a sedan, an ambulance, and more—whatever the situation calls for.

Sometimes you’ll be in a fast-paced race against the clock, fighting to reach your goal before time expires. Other times the police will be hot on your heels, and you’ll need to escape. Still other times, you’ll find yourself in a competitive race against other cars. No matter what your objective is, you must rise to the challenge

Race through 16 different courses, each with its own goals and requirements, and unlock the next course with each one you complete. Your contracts will take you from the desert to snowy fields and beyond

View your car from behind in third-person view or watch the action up close with first-person view. Whichever camera you prefer for driving games is up to you, and you can switch easily between the two perspectives during any race

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