Download Drifting School Bus ( Android / iOS ) Game ( Free )

Drift with the school bus, pick up the kids on your way to the school, drop them off, and cause chaos in between.The kids will love it too, they laugh and scream while you drift across streets from left to right.Collect all the funny buses you've never seen before - drive with the rock ’n’ roll bus, get a redneck tractor bus, a double-decker from the streets of London, or burn the road with a spooky Halloween bus, to name just a few among the many other crazy buses you can choose from. Also
, most of the vehicles offer extra music and special effects, as well as crazy costumes for the children.The Drifting School Bus game offers tens of achievements, leaderboards and a great collection of buses, power-ups, puzzles and much, much more.

You know the drill, let's keep drifting.



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