Fred Up Of Love | Valentine's Day | Android Game

After a series of unfortunate breakups, Fred has decided to quit on love. This Valentine’s Day, our hero is going solo. However, it’s not that easy to ditch love in Love Town. With bachelorettes like Cindy, Alice and Jane on the loose, our hero will have a hard time evading the one thing that entices us all.

Jump and slide your way through the realm of Love Town and avoid heart-warming lovey dovey obstacles at all costs.Trip once and the girls are onto you; trip twice and you’re in love.

We’re on your side Fred Use power-ups to boost Fred’s speed, protect him from the chummy arrows of Cupid and most importantly, collect as many donuts as you can. Because donuts are life

Fred Up Of Love features challenging gameplay and hours of replay value. Each run presents a different challenge and requires fast decisions.


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