Download Mountain Police Prison Bus - Android Game

It's time to become a police prison bus transport driver and drive off road between majesty mountains. Bring extreme criminals and prisoners to their ultimate destination i.e. jail and don't let the prisoners escape easily. Drive towards the border of the city premises on your police bus and take prison bus to the mountain view. Transport them to the camp jail outside the city in the mountains. Enjoy police bus driving over the hilly roads, mountains and between the natural beauty. Take up the police driver job to clean mountains from criminals, robbers, dacoits and extremists.

Its real police driver experience, beautiful gameplay environment and natural views of hill side area. Make sure that all criminal cases are in your police record and you complete all gameplay missions within given time. The companions of prisoners can try to help them escape but don't let even a single prison escape from your bus. People love bus driver simulator games and this simulation will make them happy to take the job of a police bus driver as an official duty to carry prison bus to the jail. Hill climbing with idea of police bus driving is a thrilling experience along the border mountains.

You play the mountain police prison bus to transport police cops and prisoners on hill climbing off road paths. The game begins with most wanted criminal transport along hill side with police protocol and all the necessary security measures to stop prison escape. Relive the thrill of off road driving and hill climbing adventures with our brand new mountain police prison bus. Be the brave police bus driver to go off road and go hill climbing. Drive police bus and transport prisoners with extreme hill climb driving and off road adventures.


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