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Play an secret agent with an addictive shooting game adventure to eliminate illegal activities and crime in an abandoned amusement park theme. With modern weaponry this elite commando game has unique and realistic roller coaster shooting environment. You are going to be an secret government agent, Attack the enemy guards with modern machine guns, tactical arms and sniper shooter guns. Their bosses who are the godfather criminals, tycoons and drug lords have a meeting planned in this abandoned amusement park. Hide inside a large Ferris wheel or the rollercoaster ride and target those criminal bosses with your sniper gun. Shoot like an elite commando and don’t let them escape. These mafia men might have some hostages with them, save them and run to make them safe. You have got all the support from the top government secret agencies. Use Russian and American modern weapons to shoot your target. Unleash your shooting skills, aim for the headshots. Make the Godfather criminal survival impossible. This shooter game aims at eliminating evil from the city streets for good. Play an ultimate action game! Free survival simulator game.

Rollercoaster Sniper is an secret agent game. It’s a super hero challenge to work on an assignment in an abandoned city amusement park theme, criminal godfather, evil tycoons and drug lords. Make the city free of crime. Your city grand mafia gangs are planning something dangerous. The city police authorities and government are seeking help from a secret agent to take down the entire city mafia gangs. Be brave enough to take vigorous action against those terrorists as an undercover secret agent. The meeting has been set up in this amusement park. You need to recognize each criminal and shoot them with your sniper rifle hiding in a ferris wheel or a roller coaster ride. Make sure no innocent gets hurt. Your secret mission involves using different combos of fighting with various weapons, undercover attacks and sneaking in a stealth mode. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they even try to shoot you or kill you. This battle is between you and your rivals. Enter the most realistic world of battle and win the war. Fight like a daredevil commando to save the city from mafia invasions. The death can’t even stop you from fulfilling your mission. Only you can take the risk as an undercover government agent to kill the mafia lords, criminal godfather and drug business tycoons as a combat hero. Don’t let the underworld rule the streets. Carry out grand assassin missions with killer stunts. Free extreme survival simulator game for shooting sim lovers. Shoot and run before the master godfather catches you. You are the best sniper shooter that even the extreme crushing speed of the theme park roller coaster ride can’t miss your target shot.

Rollercoaster Sniper Men features:

√ Smooth, addictive and easy game play
√ Realistic animations of shooting and fighting stunts
√ Smooth and easy controls with stunning graphics
√ An undercover secret government agent hero vs criminals battle theme mania
√ Challenging survival missions in a 3D amusement park environment with gangsters, thugs, tycoon, secret agents and innocent people


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