Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race | Download For Android

This game makes addiction for game lovers

Different from conventional classical games, with high quality graphics and physics closest to reality, we guarantee you will experience the speeding experience to the end.

Racing Horizon calls you for a racing game adventure that is infinite.Be ready to race as you desire in 5 modes different than each other


* Real engine nitro and turbo voices that are prepared for each vehicle separately will make you lose yourself.

* These graphics are the most eye-popping and demanding from mobile games.

* Different places you feel yourself into it.

* Drive as you want, catch every moment with inner camera, outsider camera and distant camera.

* Vehicles you can personalize as yourself.

* Make millimetrical overtakes with slow motion feature.

* You need instant velocity, click nitro on right of screen. Accelerate is good.

* Unlock achievements in score table of google play service


* Heavy weather conditions let you earn more money.

*Make 100 Km speed your bottom limit! More acceleration, more gain.

*You are the man of left lane! There is no rule, adverse lane is the place you should be


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