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Brave Royale is A side-scrolling action strategy MMORPG set in the Far East. The story-line is based on the romance of three kingdoms which is Chinese version of Game of Thrones. It contains the element of cultivation, wrestling and entertainment. The perfect combination of strategy and action with super fluent beat.


Players need to collect warriors through summon altar and other system all the time for battling. Each warrior has its own unique skill and attribution which is the key to success of battles. The warriors can be divided into Quick Attack, Magic Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor and Light Armor. Different attributes will restrained from each other.

1.Lion Gold

Players can obtain gold by killing the golden lion in limited time. And the HP of golden lion will increase with the golden lion’s level. The opportunity is limited in each day.

2.Horse Race

By handbookinger in game to win rewards. It’s an interesting event.

3.World Boss

It needs all the players in one server to fight together to defeat the world boss. All the players would get prize, but the former rank will get more.


To get enhance stones and it’s a great chance to challenge your fortune.

5.Black Market

Players can buy cost-effective items there even bargain, the items will be refreshed by time.


It’s a stage where the players can fight with each other and they need to win the good rank by their own power.


Players need to control their warriors to fight one by one and obtain a great deal rewards.



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