Download Bow Archer ( BigGM Games ) Android

In the game, you may use bow and archery and other weapons.Your will face of hundreds of enemies. This bow and archery game has 6 different kinds of game modes for your choice:

1. Quick game: classical mutual shooting mode; choose the most suitable weapon, adjust the angle to shoot the crucial point of enemies and win the battle.
2. Career mode: act as a professional shooter and challenge 2 types of career with different difficulties.
3. Throwing the flying knife: hit the flying knife, or else you will be hit by the flying knife.
4. Shooting the bottles: hit the flying bottles.
5. Apple Shooter: Shoot the apple, and don’t Shoot the assistant.
6. Shooting the birds: kill birds to your heart’s content; the more, the better.

Game Feature:
1. Multiple figures and props
2. Quick shooting
3. Aimed shooting
4. Finish the level upgrading ad gain more coins
5. Multiple modes for your choice
6. Shoot the unceasing enemies
7. Shoot the shaky bottles


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