Ultimate Tennis Revolution | Android Game | Download

A sequel to ULTIMATE TENNIS, the most successful tennis game with over 10 MILLION downloads, is here.

New and improved, ULTIMATE TENNIS REVOLUTION offers you even better graphics and new skill systems.

9M Interactive proudly presents ULTIMATE TENNIS REVOLUTION after phenomenal success of the previous #1 tennis game, ULTIMATE TENNIS.

Have the best mobile tennis experience with sophisticated physics engine, action-packed gameplay and highest-quality graphics of ULTIMATE TENNIS REVOLUTION.


▶ The Best-quality Graphic

- Clothes Simulation, Motion Capture, and Havok Physics Engine enabled upgrading the already-great graphics and motions of ULTIMATE TENNIS once more.

- Sophisticated physics engine and realistic character motions will make you feel like a real tennis player.

▶ New Skill System

- Collect [Skills] such as [Slice, Drop, Topspin, Volley, Drop Shot] and set it on and off players anytime.

- Set different Skills for each player for a tactical play.

- Collect as many Players and Skills as possible to get stronger.

▶ Real-time PVP [Arena]

- Compete in real-time Arena mode with players from all around the world.

- Collect [Stars] and [Trophies] to earn special [Arena] rewards.

- Get in higher Arena tier to unlock new players.

▶ Attractive Player Characters

- New character motions, reactions and facial expressions added.

- Create the best team of players with different playstyles such as [Defense], [Attack], and [Serve].

- Dress your players with Unique, Legendary uniforms and make them look like celebrity athletes


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