Up&Up - Balloon Puzzler Android / iOS Game

Up&Up - Physics Balloon Puzzler is a challenging, logic puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the balloon out of the board by sliding the blocks and using the other types of block with the minimal moves.

Spoiled kid bullies the balloons and pierce all of them in turn.

The nasty kid hates the balloons and pierce them for fun.

Help the balloon flee and run away before it’s too late.

Collect stars and exchange them for new chapters, hints or balloon skins.

Travel all around the world, experience incredible adventures and don’t get caught.

Up&Up comes with 8 chapters (12 levels in each) filled with amazing puzzles.

Every chapter is a new challenge with new realistic physics and a unique atmosphere.

It’s a free, addictive puzzle game (mix of unblock me and the best physics puzzlers), where you can challenge yourself to help the Red and train your brain in a pleasant way.

How to play Up&Up:

Slide blocks and use other physics elements such as fans, electricity blocks or lasers to help the balloon and reach up and up.

Think logically, crush the stone blocks, avoid obstacles and fly, fly to the sky.

Tap the moves button to see the optimal amount of movement and rescue the balloon with the minimal moves.

Up&Up - Balloon Puzzler was created for families, kids and adults of all ages. Play by yourself or with your friends to challenge each other and train your brain. You will love this addictive game.


★ 96 levels in 8 stunning chapters

★ 15 beautiful skins for Balloon

★ Different chapter themes such as Jungle, Desert, Space and more

★ Various addictive, physics puzzles

★ Amazing story of escape that you can be a part of

★ Hint system helping you to solve puzzles

★ Smooth and beautiful animation

★ 11 Google Play Service Achievements

★ Catchy music and fantastic sound effects

★ Hours of entertainment for FREE


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