Counter Army Force 2 : Rebels confrontation( ANDROID / iOS ) GAME

After rebels take over the entire city and jammed all communication then military decided to take action against them. Then finally military make new force and assign title as counter army force. On the other side rebels have very high skills snipers and have ability how to counter any attack against them.
So, army decided divided this mission into small section and make strategy how to tackle the rebels counter attack. One of the main area in the rebel territory also known as Death Valley where no one ever come back once they enter their territory. This area assign to highly rank officer in the military force. Now what is the main objective of this mission?

Game Objective :

1. Kill all the snipers 
2. Kill all the rebels and clear the area
3. Find and kill the rebel’s leader
4. Destroy machine guns
5. Finally destroy all tanks


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