Fruit Slice - Android Game !

Fruit Slice is a 3D game , it's free game, Enjoy more sweet and delicious game.
To play just cut fruit's in slicing style.
To find more fun and interest just slice more & more fruit's, but remember one thing don't slice the bomb.To score high you need to cut each and every fruit's.Fruit Slice has more interesting & Powerful UI on market.Fruit Slice has many types of fruit's like orange, pineapple, coconut, banana, water melon etc.. Flying up in the air.More interesting thing is when slicing the fruit's the splashes of juice spread on the background wall.For hard level play the Arcade mode and score high in just 60 sec, but again don't slice the bomb.For easier level choose Relax mode & score high in 1:30 min and also relax from bomb in the air, so relax and slice more fruit's.In classic mode be aware from bomb & score high in limited blades.



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