DOWNLOAD TANGO 5 ( iOS / Android ) NEXON Company | Gameplay by bad boss

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

■ Capture or annihilate

Win by elminating the enemy team or by capturing the battlefield objectives.

■ Real-time 5-on-5 PVP

Teams of 5 duke it out in real-time PVP matches.

Teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory.

■ PVP that rewards skill-based play

No pay-to-win

Skill, experience, and quick thinking are the only ways to beat the competition.

■ Quick and exciting 99-second battles

99 seconds per round! Win 2 out of3 rounds to claim victory

You’ve never seen action like this

■ Ranked Mode Updated

Solo only - Best of 5rounds


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