BUNNY RUSH 3D | Android Gameplay + Download

What? Evil Boss captured our friends? Search for all the missing plane parts to save your friends from the Evil Boss. Unique 3D runner with rich community features, compete with friends and users around the globe Play anytime, anywhere.


In the year AD 2520, a group of bunnies from planet Metoo embarked on a space adventure. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the Evil Boss, and their friend “Alice” was captured. The Evil Boss headed towards a planet named Earth, and thus the bunnies’ adventure took an unexpected turn.


・Meet all the bunnies of Metoo, collect characters with different skills.

・Glide, dash, or make yourself gigantic! Reach the finish line as fast as you can.

・Tons of different environments and stages, run from the desert to outer space.

・Use awesome flying devices to accelerate and shield yourself from harm.

・Break your friend’s record, compete live with users around the world, enjoy the thrill of the race.

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