LAND OF FANTASY - Downloa for iOS / Android

【Game Introduction】

Land of Fantasy is a mobile game that perfectly combine battle fuctions with RPG strategy game. Players can have different role play with various occupations. Great fighting skills, cure appearance, interesting stories and so on! What's more, you can also make a troop with anther players at any time. Come on, discover your own wonderland.

【Game Feature】

---Endless Tower---

Climb up at the endless tower to win big rewards.

There are various towers in endless tower like fire tower, ice tower, lava tower, etc. Conquer all of them.

---Team-up To Venture---

Team up with other players to sweep the dungeons and boss.

Making friends with teamates.

---Trade In Market---

You can put your bag items on sale in the market and making you rich.

Trade feerly and make yourself a businessman.

---Four Occupations, Eight Masteries---

There are four occupations in game and each occupation has two masteries.

You can switch each mastery at will.

Come and play with various occupations and experience diffenent masteries.

It will be a multivariate world


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