ZETTA MAN Metal Shooter Hero | Android Game by Bad_Boss_Gameplay

Zetta Man is a free action shooting game. Different from other fighting games and shooting games, Zetta Man is very easy to play but not easy to kill all enemies and pass over all galaxies. Join the battle in the galaxy, take your gun and become a hero.

Zetta Man will put you in the battle in the galaxy. In here, you have to battle with endless wave of monsters to keep you alive and gain victory. On your journey in the galaxy, your comrades are the battle hero robot. They will follow your command to battle with the space monsters. To kill all of those monsters, you will need weapons, guns and in this game, there are many of them. You can choose the one you like from blizzard gun to fusion cannon, bazooka, metal saw gun, laser beam to many more. Let’s explore them by yourself.


★ Cool design with stylist 2D art and animation (Galaxy style)

★ Fun, challenge and entertain gameplay

★ Epic battle, many interesting levels

★ Many metal heroes robot on your side to fight and shoot along

★ Loads of guns to choose. From gun to cannon to bazooka to shoot those monsters

★ Monsters are ready to give you death

★ Big, bad, ugly bosses are waiting. Crazy and massive battle

★ Shooting games multiplayer: coming soon

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