98% Impossible Monster Car | Android Game

Subway vector running game that is developed for the kid’s. This endless ninja running game is very easy to play because it is 2D game with easy and to control just by using 2 buttons, that’s are Jump and sleep. You have to jump and sleep to cross the hurdles according to the shapes of hurdles.

It is an endless game just like other subway games. You can just enjoy it by playing it on your cell phone and when you will play then you will find more features of this game.

Your mission is to protect or save the ninja from the hurdles carefully if you don’t care about that then it will be hit to any hurdle and will die and game will be over. Your first mission is to unlock the second character after covering the distance of 5000 km. After that you can enjoy the endless free playing subway game.

How to play?

This game is very simple and easy to play just follow the tips given below:

Click the icon and launch the game.

Click the play button to start the game

Click the option that you like to choose, by swiping on the screen or by using buttons.

Just click the jump button to jump the ninja and save it from the hurdles

Click the jump button two times if you need to jump at a little high height

Cover the distance of 5000 km to unlock the second ninja to enjoy subway running

Interesting Features:

Excellent features of this game includes:

This game is for kids very simple 2D and easy to play.

Having multiple characters to enhance your experience of playing subway surfing games

Music with the ninja speed is very gorgeous.

HD graphics with full natural environment

Free to download,install and play.

If you want to play and enjoy the most interesting game then download it from the Google play store and install it in your cell phone free. You will get the real time experience to cross the hurdles by just playing it on your cell phone


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