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Hey Kids! Are you crazy about monster Costume Parties, haunted house, trick-or-treat, or some other celebrating ways? But seems like some kids are not so happy because they have some problems & need care. In Halloween Doctor Care you have to help patient in the hospital who cannot participate in Halloween. Do all you can and try to do it better as soon as he wants to reach this Halloween and do not want to lose this festival. They urgently need a doctor care and you are the one who can help these kids!!!

A biggest rush of patients suffering with different diseases before halloween are coming to your hospital in an ambulance to get their emergency surgery done. Get to know their history first before treating them and sending them to the operation theater. They have their brain surgery reports with them or they might have a stomach disease already. They may have been suffering with lungs problem or liver problem or a kidney disease or a heart failure. As a ER emergency doctor use real fun tools to treat patient with anesthesia, injection simulator, laser, incisions, stitches and much more to save lives. There has been an emergency, rescue your patient as a professional doctor. Save the lives of your patients, clean their wounds, broken hip bones, repair organs such as heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, brain and much more. Cut open the skin to repair and sew it back. In Halloween Doctor Care you can do plastic surgery on lips, restore your patient’s damaged looks & lips with your expert plastic surgery simulator techniques! Look for damaged tissues and broken hip bones before you stitch the skin back. Transform the ugly scars into a beautiful face with plump lips, pretty eyes, perfect nose and glowing skin. Perform emergency plastic surgeries on your patient lips and become a real surgeon. You may also become dentist in this game. Treat patients at the clinic with crazy cool doctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces. Brush dirty teeth with care, pull teeth, fight bacteria, style & straighten teeth with braces and so much more! It also lets you become a phlebotomist in the Hospital simulator. Take a blood sample with injection do it carefully and place them into the bag after and send them off to the lab. This game will take you on a ER Emergency doctor adventure full of fun. Turn into a professional eye expert and help kids with various eye problems. Use eye charts with letters to measure how well the kids see from the distance.

Halloween Doctor Care Features :

* Check the heart beat, pulse and also check the blood pressure.

* Treat patients with crazy ER emergency dentist tools like injection, tweezers, dental pliers and braces.

* Fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay.

* Style your teeth with colorful braces.

* Remove scars, do plastic surgery.

* Blood examining in the lab.

* Check Eye vision of kids.

* Fun treatments & real surgeries.

* Amazing graphics and crazy game play.

* Dressed like spooky monster, vampire, darcula.

* 3 mini games


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