Subway multiplayer - rush endless surf 3D PLUS Android Game

Subway Multiplayer is one of the few running games that has both online and offline endless run mode and not only that, you can also invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to play with you online so you can show them your super surf skills. There is also a leaderboard where you can track your ranking between your friends and others.

Subway Multiplayer is very simple all you have to do is to avoid all obstacles while trying not to be captured by officer Matthews, so we made this subway surf game to be controlled smoothly, Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe left or right to move sideways, double tap to get the overboard.

Subway Multiplayer has a wide variety of cool boosts and upgrades that will help you achieve the best score and get you to the first rank of the leaderboard. You can get these power ups using your coins that you get from playing or by challenging your friends and other online players.

This subway surf game is the best when it comes to having fun while waiting for an appointment or if you you’re in a car, train or a plane traveling. You’ll never get bored with this fantastic game as it has social features that keep you engaged such as multiplayer mode, leaderboards and video recording your performance to share on social media.

Subway Multiplayer gives the opportunity to shine and to show your super surf skills by giving you the best platform anywhere in the store, very flexible, simple and beautiful; all you have to do is practice and bring out the runner star inside you.

As a bonus you’ll find secret roads where you’ll find many coins and super surf boosts, so make sure to get the most out of them! They will help you to achieve your game goals.

One of the things that make this subway surf is one of the most phenomenal running games is the ability to play in different world while running which makes playing more exciting and breathtaking. Also The Graphic design is amazing; the characters of the game are funny and cute.

This game offers daily challenges and missions in order to earn as many coins and runner boosts as you can such as overboard, powerful sneakers, hoverbikes …etc . You can also unlock new characters so you can impress your friends and beat new scores and escalate in the leaderboard. Isn’t one of the best running games ?

Subway Multiplayer Features:

⬤ Bonus Roads.

⬤ Multiplayer runner mode.

⬤ Switching between Worlds by flying with Balloons.

⬤ Video record yourself playing and share it to YouTube and social media.

⬤ Invite friends and get rewarded.

⬤ Share game on Facebook and get rewarded (unlock new characters).

⬤ Multiplayer leaderboard.

⬤ Amazing boosts like overboard


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