MazeMilitia: LAN, Online Multiplayer Shooting Game (Beta) - IOS / ANDROID

Shooting game with intense action multiplayer game. Here we present full-fledged, power-packed LAN Online Multiplayer Shooting Games, MAZE MILITIA- So, combat with real opponents in War Games.

Play with your skills and strategy to mark a high milestone for FPS Games- Being multi-lingual Online Multiplayer Shooting Games, One can also strike with players from all over the world with a ease- Thus it comes with exclusive features of online and LAN multiplayer battle in PvP Games- So, not just random players but also you can invite and team up with friends from Facebook to play this thrilling action combat.

It is the most breathtaking of all LAN Multiplayer Games of 2018- Since it has unbelievable realistic graphics and also instant match making in online War Games, makes it one of the best Gun Games.

Let’s have a look at the Amazing Features of best free games of 2018.

Immersive Game Play

- Highly Customizable Controls, so you can play the FPS Games the way you want.

- Consequently, new and advance UI with eye-popping Animations.

- Over 50 levels to Unlock in Online and Offline mode.

- Furthermore, multiple customized environment of Maps and Maze.

- Great 3D graphics and sound, so perfectly adapted for New Action Games.

Character Customization

Flaunt your Skill Set in Shooting Games by building a legend for Online Multiplayer Shooting Games.

- Customize head, pants, body, armor with special powers and Thus, be a Pro.

- Also, Design your legend with wide variety of functionality in Top Trending Games.

- Finally, engross the fun of PvP Games with nostalgic character movement like jump, crouch etc.

Deadly Weaponry in Blood-Boiling Environment

- Play in dynamic new maps like Oil Rig, Bunker, Ware House, Dockyard and many more.

- Arm yourself with broad range of Arsenals- Shooting Games weaponry includes Heavy Guns, Sniper Rifles, Hand Guns, Assault Rifles, Shot Guns, Machine Guns etc.

- Unlock Robust weapon upgrades for every arsenal in War Games.

- Altogether there are explosives, med-kits, frag grenades, Remoter to boost up the player power in Best Free Games.

Quick chat

We have new chat feature in game play- One can simultaneously play and chat in the LAN Multiplayer Games of 2018.

- Especially, players can socialize and create allies for the realistic battles of FPS Games with Group Chats.

- Enjoy Personalized chat and challenge each other for the top victory in Gun Games.

Power Booster’s of Shooting Games

- Pro-Pack is a major power-up in War Games- Consisting of following:

Gas mask to safeguard against pulse pistol.

Mine Detector to suspect the invisible bomb thrown by rivals in order to survive within the PvP Games.

Especially relevant Armor to defend yourself.

Robust with dynamic Gun pick-up power in Online Multiplayer Shooting Games.

- Consequently, accumulate and Level up easily with 150% EXP Booster.

- Boosting up the spirit of best free games, player’s are provided with daily bonus, Surprise Crates and 2X claim for rewards.

Global Ranking and Player’s Profile

- It shows the player’s Rank among worldwide players of New Action Games.

- Also, depict your progress and statistics throughout this FPS games


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