Download Superfarmers - Android Apk

We, who ship freshly harvested products for Super Heroes’ dinner

We, who knit sweaters for their expeditions to the Moon

We, who don’t let Super Heroes to disappear in hot African sands...

Confidentially, Super Heroes are like kids. They can neither prepare breakfast nor mend their socks. That’s why our farms are on guard of piece and prosperity of the whole planet. And the Heroes? Well, the Heroes are just idle celebrities, ’cause we, the Super Farmers, do the real job after them.

Start playing right now

Experience exciting adventures alongside with real Super Heroes and build a desirable Super Farm, where everything is not quite what it seems Do you think it’s an ordinary truck in front of you? Certainly not, its jet engine is able to deliver orders almost immediately, to any part of the world, any town or village. And this old barn? Take a closer look, it’s a hi-tech Super Hero information centre Even that bale of hay behind the wheat field is not as trivial as you might think.

Believe me, on Super Farm each garden fruit can surprise you

Hay, it’s a nice day to escape from the city

This world needs a Super Farmer! Install the game and join our ranks


Build a world-class Super Farm

Help Superheroes save the world by fulfilling their orders

Ship farm produce by land, sea, and air

Create a secret HQ for Superheroes

Discover new continents and collect items from around the world

Meet Superheroes and join a super team


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