Piece of the Pie Pursuit - IOS / ANDROID


Domino’s Piece of the Pie Pursuit puts you right at the center of the machine seen in our TV commercial. Do you have what it takes to beat all six unique levels in the ultimate game for pizza fanatics? If you do, you’ll find yourself this much closer to getting your hands on real-world, piping hot pizza. That’s right. Beat this game. Get a one-time prize in the form of Piece of the Pie Rewards bonus points toward free Domino’s pizza.

Each section of this connected machine will challenge your skills in fun new ways. Guide your pizza cutter car along a boost-filled track in a race against the clock. Use pizza sauce Spoodle catapults to reach crazy heights. This physics-based game has it all. There’s nothing else like it.

Beat the game and earn bonus points toward pizza from Domino’s

Six different levels to keep you coming back for more

Compete with the clock and perfect your technique to improve your time

Explore a pizza-themed world and see old friends like the Noid

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