Download Tower King - Blitz Android / iOS


We invite you to the world of Tower King.

Tower King is a game while enjoying the puzzle can feel the emotion of a real-time strategy and role-playing.

Play against players from around the world.

▶ Features

You can summon a unit with a potion obtained by matching the puzzle. Summon many units to destroy enemy towers and gain treasure chests. You can get the materials you need to be stronger. When you upgrade your units, they become stronger. You can also collect energy to strengthen the tower.

▶ Puzzle

Please obtain the necessary potions to summoned units familiar match 3 puzzle. If you make a special potion, you can acquire a large amount of potion.

▶ Combat

Summoned units attack their enemies themselves. You must defend your tower and destroy the enemy's tower. If you let the enemy units often turned the tide in the strategy of tower defense. It is possible to summon a unit that constantly summons a friendly unit. Enjoy the puzzles while watching the battle.

■ Unit card

Collect various unit cards. To configure the unit to combat card deck that you like, you can join a battle. The more units you collect, the more powerful you can upgrade.

■ Towers

Earn a tower that fits your battle deck. Tower's ability can be upgraded by collecting the necessary energy. And if you've upgraded all of your abilities to the maximum, try to evolve.

■ Store

You can purchase new unit cards that renew at regular intervals. If you want to grow fast, buy a limited-edition treasure chest

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