Save Alien for Android - APK Download - BADBOSSGAMEPLAY

It’s a simple but in the same time cute story about alien who had to made landing on the planet “Earth”. Landing wasn’t the softest and alien himself without knowledge made damage forest animals. They decided to teach alien a lesson and not to let him go away for catching a signal from his brothers.

Save Alien is exciting indi-game, when your savvy and reaction have to come first. Make a tower that hat all physical properties of materials, that dropping your enemies. With help of unique skills of alien the process of walkthrough get more exciting and open new horizons.

-Beauty design of levels and characters

-5 characters with their own unique set of clothes

-6 unique skills, including droid-helper and time-deceleration

-meeting face to face with few bosses, each of which has individual design and skills

-the game make several tasks that you have to carry out simultaneously. That makes the game more hard and unique in its kind.

-the tower has physical properties

PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION.. You can play this game free. We sincerely hope you will like our work


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