Real Car Driving Simulator - Android APK

Drive fast sports cars and perform stunts, drifts, and tricks in no limits drive action from one of the best car driving simulator games! Drift real cars in the huge open driving world; explore city streets and corners, take a detour on the vast expanse and find stunts to jump off to do amazing stunts.

Walk around your own personal car garage, select any real sports car, customize and upgrade how you like and go on the open road for the best drive in the all-new open world car driving simulator.

Real Car Driving Simulator is the latest, no limits drive sensation and one of the best car driving simulators.

Fully customize your own sports car to have its own unique style and driving sensation to how you like. Upgrade your car with paint jobs, decals, wheel rims, spoilers and more. Walk around and witness the high quality of each unique vehicle before you get in an drive in the open city streets.

Experience realistic car driving like no other simulation game; speed past city vehicles, drift around city streets, flip and wreck your car with real-time vehicle damage, see each scratch and dent with each car crash. Stop and rewind time at any point to get the perfect drift with the ALL-NEW time rewind and slow-motion game features.

Enjoy the driving sensation that brings you the best real drifting and driving, pulling off super long drifts, stunt jumps, and a whole load more to explore and do in one of the best car driving games.



- Massive open driving world with tons of areas to explore.

- Miles of roads to drift and drive on

- Full customization for sports cars

- Personal garage to walk around and explore

- Unlock and upgrade with easy to earn in-game coins

- Authentic and real sports car vehicles

- Exciting game features Slow-Mo, Nitro Boosts and Time Rewind

- Realistic car driving game physics

- Intelligent city A.I traffic driving

- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles

- Hundreds of AI cars throughout the cities

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