Arena Stars Rival Heroes Android/iOS

Arena Stars Rival Heroes
Arena Stars Rival Heroes iOS
Arena Stars Rival Heroes Android
Arena Stars Rival Heroes iOS Gameplay
Arena Stars Rival Heroes Android Gameplay

For Honor!

Choose your Hero. Build your Deck. Experience an intense 90 seconds of battle in real-time, player vs player action! Defeat the enemy Hero to win Trophies, Chests and more! Collect Trophies to unlock new Arenas! In between battles, collect cards to upgrade your Hero and Troops and become the champion of the Arena!
Take on others in the Arena Stars Universe in this action-packed epic new multiplayer strategy game from Tiny Titan Studios!

PLEASE NOTE - Arena Stars: Rival Heroes is free to download and play, but includes some items that can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

Arena Stars: Rival Heroes requires an active mobile or Wi-Fi network connection to play. 

Arena Stars Rival Heroes Gameplay

• Challenge others from around the world in real-time
• Choose your Hero; powerful characters each with their own set of special skills and abilities
• Customize your Ultimate Deck to defeat your opponents
• Earn Chests to unlock valuable rewards, collect new Cards and upgrade existing ones
• Collect Trophies to unlock exciting new Arenas, Heroes and Troops
• Win battles, earn bragging rights and climb the ladder to be the Season’s ultimate winner
• Come back daily to collect your Bounties and free new rewards
• Epic, fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer action combining strategy with quick reflexes
• COMING SOON – Guilds, Events, Card trading and more

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